Wheaton Studio of Dance
Celebrating  our 59th year of Dance Excellence

Picture Day and Recital 


will be Sunday, April 29, and Monday, April 30. Click here for detailed schedule.

*The appointment schedules will be posted in the studio lobbies.

*The appointments are every 15 min.

*Please arrive at least 15 min. early!

*If you can’t make your scheduled class appointment, you may come either day for a solo picture.

*The dancers should arrive wearing their recital costume that day, as well as, have their makeup on, and hair done.

Click here to see the list with thights to be worn.

(to be worn at picture day and recital)

Click here to see how to make a bun.

*Please remember to BRING the correct dance shoes and picture envelope from the photographer.

*We will distribute the envelopes close to the picture days.

*Even if you choose not to purchase pictures, we would love to have your child in the class picture. The children are so excited to see themselves in the class pictures we display in our lobby!

Rehearsals for the Recitals will be on June 4 & 5.

Recitals will be on June 6 & 9.

There will be 2 dress rehearsals and 2 performances:

*The Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday classes will have their Dress Rehearsal on Monday, June 4, and their Recital on Wednesday, June 6.

*The Thursday, Friday, and Saturday classes will have their Dress Rehearsal on Tuesday, June 5, and their Recital on Saturday, June 9.

*Some selected classes will perform at both recitals and will be expected to come to both dress rehearsals—this includes the Father’s number!

*Times will be announced later but will be in the evening during the week, and afternoon on weekend.

*The RECITAL LINE-UPS will be posted in the studio.

*Both, the Rehearsals and Recitals will be at Northwood Highschool, 919 University Blvd. W, Silver Spring. For directions, click here.

We are so excited to see everyone perform in the Recital, including the DADS!! We are reaching out to all of the Fathers, Husbands, Boyfriends, etc. to come sign up for the Dads Dance!!!!

A sign up sheet is at the front reception desk in the studio. Please email me if you, or someone you know is interested in participating. I need the Dads name, phone number, email address, and class their dancer attends. I will be happy to add them to the list if they do not get a chance to come into the studio themselves. We are going to be starting rehearsals in the next week or two.

For those of you that are new to the studio, or are wondering what the Dads Dance is.... Ms. Shannon and Ms. Amanda choreograph a routine for the Dads, which they then perform at the Recital. This is something everyone looks forward to, and there is no dance experience required!

Please come join us for the Dads Dance!

Email the Studio(see email address below) with your "Dads" information if you are interested in participating.

Additional details will be posted here, as they become available.