Wheaton Studio of Dance
Celebrating  our 62nd year of Dance Excellence

Picture Day and Recital 

PICTURE DAYS: Information will be posted here, once it is available.

Rehearsals  and Recitals:

In this link you will find photos and prices for your dancers' costumes for our Recital in June.
We will send out more information in regards to the Recital soon!

They are in order by class day & time. Fees have been posted to your account for each costume.

Costume payments were due by February 15 (any payments received after will incur a $20 fee per costume).
** Company dancers' costumes are due as soon as possible, these need to be paid for in order to be received.  

**There are a couple of classes that do not have a photo or price listed yet, we are waiting on confirmation from the costume company.

The Recital will be held on Sunday,June 13, 2021. We will post more details as soon as it is available!

Masks for the Recital: We feel that it would be best for every dancer to wear a mask that matches their skin tone (nude). This way everyone looks uniform with their costumes and wearing a simple mask like this will still show off the beautiful costumes you have purchased for your dancer!

Below are some links to amazon for some options if you need guidance on what to purchase. You are not required to purchase these specific ones, but these are just to give you an idea!!

Children's Masks, CLICK HERE

Adult Masks, CLICK HERE