Wheaton Studio of Dance
Celebrating  our 60th year of Dance Excellence

Picture Day and Recital 

PICTURE DAYS: May 5 & 6, 2019

All of our Tuesday through Saturday classes will have their photos taken on Sunday, May 5.
All of our Monday classes & Company classes will have their photos taken on Monday, May 6.

Click here for schedule of Sunday, May 5.

Click here for schedule of Monday, May 6.

Click here for detailed description 'How to make a Bun'.

Please make sure your dancer arrives 15 - 20 minutes prior to the designated time slot IN FULL COSTUME. We run on time and will be taking the pictures at the time slot given for each class. Your dancer needs to arrive in full costume with the correct dance shoes, hair pulled back in a bun, correct color tights (we will be sending out a list of tights once costume arrive next month), and any extra headpieces. 

Hair: Dancers need to have their hair pulled back in a bun. The bun should be located in the middle of the back of their head. Their hair needs to be parted over the left eye. 
Click here for a hair tutorial 

Tights: we will post a list of required tights for each class as soon as we receive the costumes. It is often difficult to decide on a color until we see the costumes in person. (Costumes will be arriving around Spring Break)

Make-up: Make-up is not a requirement, but I would recommend putting a little blush or bronzer on their face to give some color, and just a little lipstick. This way with the flash of the lights from the camera, they will not look washed out in their photo. 

Costumes: Costumes usually arrive during, or right after Spring Break. Once you receive your dancers costume, please DO NOT let them wear it around the house to play in. They only get this one costume and if something happens to it, we cannot get a replacement. All costumes should be taken out of the packaging bags and hung up in a closet where your dancer will not be tempted to play with it. If your costume has a tutu attached to it, hang it upside down in order to let the wrinkles diminish and give the costume some fullness.

Hair Pieces: Most of the costumes will be coming with a head piece of some sort. This may include a hair clip, crown, bow, etc. DO NOT LOOSE THIS PIECE. We cannot order a new one if it is lost. Please make sure to keep all costume pieces together.

Location: All pictures will be taken at the studio.

It is not a requirement to participate in Picture Day, but is a wonderful chance for you and your family to have a memory of your dancer in their costumes!! Even if you do not wish to purchase a photo package, you can still participate! We get a collage made with all of the class photos to display in our Studio lobby every year!

Rehearsals  and Recitals 

Dress Rehearsal: June 3 & 5

Recital: June 6 & 7

All of our Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday classes will have Dress Rehearsal on June 3 & Recital on June 6.
All of our Thursday, Friday & Saturday classes will have Dress Rehearsal on June 5 & Recital on June 7. 

*Company classes will perform in both Dress Rehearsal dates & Recital dates.