Wheaton Studio of Dance
Celebrating  our 62nd year of Dance Excellence

Dress Code:

Please follow and respect our dress code for the studio.

Remember: all shoes each dancer uses must be appropriate for the class he or she is participating in. Dance Shoes should not be worn outside. Girls: hair must always be secured away from the face. Dance tights are a MUST - no stockings or pantyhose.

Combination Classes

Beginner Levels

  • Black leotards
  • Pink dance tights
  • Ballet skirts
  • Pink ballet slippers
  • Black tap shoes

Experienced Level

  • Choice of black or colored leotards
  • Pink dance tights
  • Skirts (for ballet)
  • Pink ballet slippers
  • Choice of shorts (for tap only)
  • Black tap shoes

Ballet Classes

  • Black leotards
  • Pink dance tights (tights are a MUST!)
  • Pink ballet slippers 
  • Ballet skirts optional (NO shorts!)
  • Leg warmers optional

Tap Classes

  • Black or colored leotards
  • Either tights or socks
  • Black tap shoes
  • Shorts optional

Hip Hop Classes

  • Leotards optional
  • Street clothes acceptable (only if you can move in them!)
  • Dark soled sneakers are unacceptable!
  • Dance shoes should not be worn outside


  • Black or colored leotards
  • Tights of any shade
  • Shorts or jazz pants optional


  • Black or colored leotards
  • Tights are encouraged
  • Foot-Undeez and footies are optional
  • Comfortable pants optional


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