Wheaton Studio of Dance
Celebrating  our 62nd year of Dance Excellence

Company Classes:



Placement in Company is by audition only. Company dancers learn 2 routines, usually a jazz and a lyrical, and perform at local events and at competitions where they compete with other dancers from around the region!

Expectations for Company Dancers

All company students are required to take a jazz class, a ballet class (or combination class), a technique class, and their company class each week.  Participation in Company is a challenging and rewarding experience for students who love dance!


Company classes participate in 6-8 competitions during the year.  Competitions are generally in February-May and dates will be provided in advance.  Dancers must keep the entire weekend open, because we do not know exact performance times or dates (Fri., Sat., Sun.) until the week before.

Competitions may take up an entire day, depending on what time performances are scheduled.  Wheaton Studio of Dance has no control over the schedule.  Call times for performances may be as early as 5:30 am or as late as 9:00 pm.

Competitions are held at area high schools and other performance venues in Maryland and Virginia.  Locations are usually within an hour’s drive of the studio.

Competition Fees and Other Costs

In addition to recital costumes for their regular classes, company dancers will have 2 costumes.  Expect to pay $65-$80 for each costume.  Additional shoes, tights, and accessories may be needed.

Registration fees for competitions average about $45-$60 per routine. Company classes will perform 2 routines at each competition.  Participation in Company costs approximately $500-$800 in additional costume and competition fees over the course of the year.

Company dancers may have the option of purchasing a studio jacket for around $125.

Additional Rehearsals and Performances

Company classes perform at various local events.

Additional rehearsals may be held during the year to prepare for competitions or other performances.

Performing Arts Team Information: 

Our Performing Arts Team is similar to our Competition Team but will have the opportunity to only attend 1-2 competitions. They will also have the opportunity to perform in any local events. There is a lower commitment to joining this team and is a great way to prepare yourself to eventually join our Competition Team!

Expectations for Performing Arts Team Dancers:

These dancers will be required to take either a ballet or jazz class in addition to the Performing Arts Team class. They would potentially compete in 1-2 competitions in the Spring and will have the ability to perform in any events.

This team is a preparation for our competitive dance team that does compete in 6-9 competitions per season. The Performing Arts Team would learn 1-2 routines throughout the season to use for competition depending on the group of girls that sign up for the team.

 Dance Company classes are a great opportunity for dancers to develop their performance skills!  

Please contact Ms.Amanda directly if you are interested in joining one of our teams!!